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Building Beloved Community, Cultivating Connections

April 9, 2017

Worship service 10:45 - 11:45, followed by a social hour.

Discussion topic: Floods and Flood Control in Northern California
Speaker: Dick Tarble


• A religion that embraces many different beliefs.
• A faith that finds meaning in many traditions.
• A church where people nurture their spirits.
• A congregation that works together to make a difference in communities and the world.

We are the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Sacramento. Please come for a visit and find out what we are all about! We would love for you to be a part of our church community.

Important Message:
The Unitarian Universalist Community Church now is meeting at the Asian Community Center in the Greenhaven area at 7334 Park City Drive. Please see the map at right.

Members, friends and would-be visitors to UUCC are encouraged to check this website periodically for status updates and event announcements.

Meeting location

Statement of Shared Ministry

Our congregation welcomes all to build the Beloved Community, cultivating connections with each other, the Earth and the sacred within.

The Freedom Club

On October 9, UUCC enjoyed a terrific presentation by the Freedom Club, a UUSS youth group (mostly 10 to 12 year-olds.) Petra Stanton, UUSS member, mentors the group and coordinated their presentation. Said one young person, "The Freedom Club does lots of things trying to free slaves. So far, we have freed about 30 people that were once slaves." Some members of the group were recently in India to see firsthand the importance of the work they do. The Freedom Club has also had a legislative advocacy meeting with Congressman Ami Bera to ask him to sponsor a bill to keep slavery out of the supply chain. This service was an informative and exciting opportunity to learn and be inspired by youth who are really active in UU values.

The Threshold Choir

UUCC was very happy to welcome the Threshold Choir of Sacramento on Sunday, September 25. Seven members of the local chapter of this international nonprofit were able to join us in order to demonstrate how they bring comfort to those at life’s thresholds through the gift of gentle song. Threshold choirs are a relatively new manifestation of an ancient tradition. In the 16 years since the first group of singers gathered in the Bay Area of California, 150 more chapters have formed throughout the world. They sing lullabye-like songs at the bedsides of those in hospice, but also for preemies in intensive care and for the families of the babies, as well as for those going through other difficult emotional times. One of our UUCC members who is going through a difficult time with her physical health graciously offered to lie in the visiting group’s zero-gravity rehearsal chair in the center of our circle. The choir sang quietly to her and to all of us, allowing us to truly experience that music calms and heals. Thank you to the Threshold Choir for your presence with us. Threshold Choir singers do not perform publicly as a traditional choir would. When they are summoned to a bedside, they normally sing as a group of two or three. The co-founder of the Sacramento chapter says that, for Threshold singers, a “standing ovation” is when the person they sing to falls asleep. For more information about the Sacramento Threshold Choir, please visit For more on the national organization, visit the main page at

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