UUCC Altar

“Worship is the mystery within us reaching out to the mystery beyond”
— Jacob Trapp

What does worship mean to us as Unitarian Universalists?

Our goal in worship is to provide a time and place set aside from daily life in which to reconnect with our ideals, with our deeper and better selves, with our sense of hope and with our commitment to creating a better, more just and compassionate world.  We hope that you will leave our gathering feeling spiritually refreshed, comforted, challenged, and reassured of your place in this interdependent web of being in which we all exist. We seek to touch both mind and heart, as well as that life-giving and sustaining part of us we call Spirit.

Currently, we worship with a minimum of ritual, which typically includes:

  • A chalice lighting, in which we light the flame symbolizing our faith
  • Opening Words, an introduction to the theme of the service, often in the form of a reading or poem
  • A unison benediction in which we are invited to join hands in affirmation of “faith in the Spirit of Life, hope for the community of Earth, and love of the sacred in one another”