Path to Membership

redwood groveThe first step to becoming a member of UUCC is to visit us on several Sundays. Attend some social events and get to know us. Decide if this feels like the right spiritual home for you. We hope it will!

When and whether to become a formal member of our church is a very personal decision. Pathways to membership vary. Some people come to our church, jump in and decide to become members after a few short weeks. Others take their time and decide to join after many months or sometimes even years. You are welcome to take the path that suits you. Whatever your decision, we do encourage prospective members to become involved. The page on making connections is a good place to start exploring how you might like to be involved in this church.

The Meaning of Membership

Unitarian Universalist congregations are covenantal communities of faith. This means that instead of adhering to a shared statement of beliefs, we are held together by the promises and commitments we make to one another. Members of UUCC are asked to make a pledge of financial support, donate some of their time to the church community, and make the church an ongoing and important part of their lives by attending services when possible, participating in church activities and voting at congregational meetings.

Membership is open to anyone sixteen years of age or older who feels able and ready to make a commitment to the principles and values by which we seek to live.

Once you are a member, you can have a voice! All church members can vote at our annual meetings and as needed when important issues are brought before the congregation. Only members may be on the Board of Trustees and become chairpersons of committees and task forces.

We hope that your ongoing spiritual growth will be supported and enhanced through the commitment you make.

How You Become a Member of UUCC

Once you have attended several Sunday services, you will be invited to an informal gathering of newcomers and UUCC “regulars” in order to get to know each other better. This will be followed by a more formal orientation class, usually consisting of two three-hour sessions. Here, you will learn more about what we believe as Unitarian Universalists, a bit about our church’s story and the history of our denomination, how we get things done at UUCC, opportunities for involvement, and the benefits and obligations of membership. If you decide to join us — and we hope you will — you will be asked to sign our membership book, complete a pledge of support, and be formally welcomed into the congregation during a Sunday service.


If you have questions about UUCC, Unitarian Universalism, or membership, we encourage you to send us an email via our Contact Us page. You may also find useful information on the page of Frequently Asked Questions.

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