Statement of Shared Ministry

Our congregation welcomes all to build the Beloved Community, cultivating connections with each other, the Earth and the Sacred within.

“Beloved Community” is a phrase popularized by the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. It summons the vision of a world in which justice, equality and mercy prevail, with love as our guide. Beloved Community embraces everyone and honors the connections and interdependencies that make life possible.

We preach no doctrine or dogma. The role of the UU church is not to tell you what to believe. It is to help you discover your unique answers as you struggle to become your best and most authentic self and to live according to your own most deeply cherished values.

We do believe that, for most people, such seeking is most effectively done in community, and our community does have shared values and expectations.  Although the choice of a single word to exemplify our ethic is debatable, the concept of “respect” would be a strong contender.

Please see What We Believe for more.