Faith in Action

We put our values to work in the way we are together and in the way we serve the larger world through Faith in Action. Our current areas of focus are described below.

Environmental concerns:
Putting our Seventh Principle into practice to address sustainability and climate change. How can we, collectively and individually, work effectively to improve the quality of life for all?


Immigration reform, in conjunction with Faithful Friends:
Putting our First, Second and Sixth Principles into practice to address the criminalization of immigrants.

Faithful Friends is a community visitation program that helps to end the isolation of the men and women held in immigration detention by providing them with a volunteer visitor.


The UU Justice Ministry

UUCC has a covenantal relationship with the UU Justice Ministry of California (UUJM). This means that we contribute some financial support to the UUJM, respond to its calls for public witness, and assist it in achieving its mission of uniting California UUs to work together for change at the state and national levels. For more information, go to the UUJM website.

Placer People of Faith Together – “Get on the Bus”!

 Get on the Bus photo 1






On June 12, 2016, UUCC was very happy to have hosted guest speakers from Placer People of Faith Together for a thought-provoking and worthwhile morning. Placer People of Faith Together (PPoFT) is an affiliate with the state-wide interfaith community organizing network, PICO California. We heard from Mary Jo Buettner, a Board Member with PPoFT, and Jackelin Aguilar, a Community Organizer with PPoFT. PPoFT is involved with an extensive and inspiring list of social justice works, one of which is “Get on the Bus”.

“Get OnThe Bus” is a state-wide program which brings children and their caregivers from throughout the state of California to visit their mothers and fathers in prison. California has the largest prison system in the nation with 46 adult prisons/facilities that house over 165,000 men and women who leave approximately 200,000 children without one or both of their parents.  We heard their first-hand accounts of their involvement with this program. It touches on so many interconnected issues – mass incarceration, punitive versus restorative justice, racism, and the impact of America’s prison system on the children and families of this country.

There are so many ways to become involved in this world, it does become a “pick your passion” moment when we look to what calls us most. If you feel that you would like to learn more about how to help with the “Get on the Bus” program and you think this might be a “pick your passion” moment, please get in touch with Jackelin Aguilar at

There are two links that Jackelin provided us that will give you a feeling for the impact that “Get on the Bus” has on the children and their parents.

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