hand feeding birdsWe believe that practicing “faithful generosity” is a form of spiritual practice.  Giving generously of our time and treasure is a public statement of our values. It proclaims that what we have to offer is of value to others and that we choose to share our abundance in order to “walk our talk.”


We are stewards of our congregation and stewards of our faith. What we do and what we give will affect generations to come and make it possible for others to enjoy the blessings of this free faith.

Our church is totally self-supporting. When you join our church, you will be asked what amount of money you will pledge to give. A pledge of record is a requirement for membership at UUCC because we are a spiritual cooperative; the congregation and the responsibility to support it belong to its members. There is no set amount that you are expected or required to contribute; select an amount that makes sense for you and reflects the importance of the church to your life.

Every spring, we have our annual stewardship campaign, when we ask each member and friend to commit to the amount of money they will donate the following year. This allows us to set a realistic budget for the next fiscal year. If you need to adjust your annual pledge or have any questions about this, contact our treasurer or call the office for information.

Community Support

In the belief that we are responsible for one another in this interdependent web of being, members give generously of their time. Each one of us has a valuable contribution to make to the welfare and well-being of others. Our liberal values are needed. See our Faith in Action page for details.

Shared Ministry

As stewards of our church, we all contribute time and talents as we can to put our mission statement into practice. There are ample opportunities to volunteer at the level of commitment you feel called to make. See “Volunteering” on the Serve page of our website.